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Our Difference

By combining our expertise in gaming with advancements in game technology, BreakAway delivers game-based experiences that both entertain and educate. Whether it’s a gripping adventure into a fantasy world or an engaging simulation that helps you tackle a challenging real-world situation, BreakAway believes that gaming has the power to transform the future.

We stay ahead of the latest innovations in entertainment games and explore how the technologies, techniques, and practices gleaned from entertainment can be used to solve real-world problems. What better way to plan, train, prepare, and experiment with real concepts, real ideas, and real situations than in a risk-free simulated experience that asks – and gets – someone to suspend disbelief and take control of a situation in a place where mistakes can be made, and failure is encouraged in order to learn. Safely, without consequences.

We believe that what’s powerful about games is simulation itself: immersive environments, emotional realism, and experiential learning. And what’s powerful about simulation is that anything can be simulated – even the future.

What else sets BreakAway apart?

The generation that grew up with Super Mario is entering the workplace, entering politics, so they see games as just another good tool to use to communicate.

: Henry Jenkins, MIT

What if You Could...

Develop a virtual learning platform of the human body and all its systems for a radical new approach to medical training?

BreakAway made it happen »

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