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A computer game for real-life crises….
The Washington Post

Warning: Playing these video games may be good for your health. The Wall Street Journal

Helping to save the world, one video game at a time. The New York Times

One man’s cunning game of world revolution The Sunday Times (London)

Learn how the people and products behind BreakAway are leading game development – and making a difference in health care, national security, and defense – in innovative new directions.

The lessons learned by playing the simulation fed directly into the practices of setting up an incident command structure. I encourage every one to use Incident Commander as a resource in case the unthinkable happens.

: Joe Barlow, EMT-P, FFII
Illinois Emergency Response Team, on his experience in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

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Preserve the knowledge and experience of a retiring workforce and translate it into an engaging training simulation to teach young workers entering the company?

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