SIMnext and BreakAway Games

SIMnext Games Healthcare Education to Improve Patient Experience

SIMnext LLC is remaking clinician education through serious games that allow professionals to hone their skills by immersing them in realistic and interactive scenarios. Through a partnership with game developer Breakaway Ltd (, SIMnext is bringing a series of new game based clinical education tools to both students and practicing clinical professionals. These new products include:

  • Vital Signs: Emergency Department, a virtual ED that uses actual patient encounter data to match the realism and difficulty in managing multiple patients at once.
  • Vital Signs: Pediatric Emergency, a virtual pediatric ED that allows players to triage, diagnose, and manage patients while handling distractions inherent in the environment.
  • Vital Signs: Nursing, manage a nursing shift on the Med-Surge floor of a hospital.
  • vHealthCare™: Pediatric Simulation, deal with patients in an emergency setting covering a range of pediatric advanced life support events.

These “serious games” put clinicians in front of virtual patients under conditions that mimic the stress and complexity of actual encounters in settings such as the emergency department. Dealing with patients, staff, and cases in this realistic virtual environment will better prepare physicians and nurses for actual patient encounters where they must coordinate with colleagues, deal with distractions, and respond to unexpected situations.

“SIMnext is leading the way by delivering advanced simulation technologies, like these gaming tools, to clinicians in a format that is easy to use and impactful. We are helping to transform simulation-based education and training. This is all about improving patient experience and reducing clinician stress. ” said Gary Durack, SIMnext CEO.

“Gaming technology is playing an increasing role in care delivery and the management of health and wellness,” said Doug Whatley, CEO of Breakaway Ltd. “Our strategic partnership with SIMnext will allow more healthcare providers to access and experience the impact gaming can have on clinical preparedness.”


SIMnext engineers and healthcare experts work side-by-side with clinicians and administrators to develop mobile applications, virtual reality environments, anatomically correct simulations, and patient-centered games for clinical education, performance improvement, and patient safety. SIMnext has a robust library of evidence-based educational courses that include procedural based simulations and critical thinking scenarios. For more information please visit

ABOUT Breakaway Games

BreakAway, Ltd., Award-Winning Developer of Numerous Real-Time Strategy Games and Technologically Advanced Desktop Development Software, uses entertainment game technology to create virtual experiences for solving real-world problems. BreakAway has established itself as a leader in using game-based concepts to change the way we learn, communicate, teach, and train. To learn more, please visit:


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