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Vital Signs: ED - medical game

Take on the Role of a Doctor Working in an Emergency Department!

Examine PatientsExamine Patients

The player’s job is to visit patients as they appear in one of the available exam rooms, review the patient’s condition via their case presentation chart, and order procedures relevant to the patient’s complaint.


Procedures are non-interactive, but take set amounts of time to complete.

Patient NeedsPatient Needs

While waiting on the completion of these procedures, the player can attend to other patients and/or any distractions. Distractions play an important role in Vital Signs ED. The player must handle these “real-life” distractions as best a possible or risk failing to address patient needs.

Decision MakingDecision Making

After the player has performed any necessary procedures on a specific patient, they will then finalize care of the patient by ordering him/her to be admitted (for continued care), Discharged, Transferred (to a trauma center), or, reluctantly, sent to the Morgue.

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