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All Internship postions are curently full.

BreakAway is a leading developer of entertainment games and game-based technology products. By applying game-based technology to solve real-world problems BreakAway is changing the way we train, learn and communicate.

We offer our interns the opportunity to work alongside the best and the brightest in the industry in a highly creative and fun environment on innovative, bleeding-edge products. If you’re interested in joining our team as an intern, please check the posted internship openings and submission requirements below.

Basic Internship Information:

  • All of our Interns are offered a 40 hour paid work week, unless otherwise arranged and approved.
  • If you are to receive credit for your internship, the rules of accreditation must fit into the needs of BreakAway and agreed upon prior to your start date.
  • We are flexible with the starting and ending dates for Internships.
  • While no full-time position is guaranteed, it is not uncommon for us to hire a motivated and talented intern as an employee.

Internship Candidate and Submission Requirements:

  • All resumes and submissions should be received electronically.
  • All candidates may be given a test prior to being asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.
  • For artists and programmers please submit resumes, portfolios and writing and coding samples electronically.
  • All qualified candidates will be contacted for a phone or face-to-face interview. After a successful phone interview they will be invited for a face-to-face meeting at our corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD. Preference is given to candidates residing in this area.

Our top game designers can now create and destroy complex virtual worlds, entrancing us in powerful ways. They could do the same to save the world we actually inhabit.

: Paul Loeb, Working For Change

What if You Could...

Model social, political, and economic conditions in repressive regimes and give players planning and training tools to stage a campaign of non-violent resistance?

BreakAway made it happen »

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