24 Blue - Training in Flight Deck Operations and Safety

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24 Blue - Training in Flight Deck Operations and Safety

You are thrust onto an aircraft carrier at sea and established as a commander of flight deck operations or as one of the crew members. 24 Blue simulates realistic flight deck operations - complete with aircraft, deck equipment, and AI controlled personnel - all set amid the hazards of war and the flight deck itself. This training simulation was developed for the US Navy to conduct launch and recovery training and analysis.

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Client: United States Navy – Naval Education Training Command


Create a realistic and effective training simulation for flight deck operations training using the same systems and technologies used to produce modern computer games.


A close-in 3rd person action simulation of plane directors and “shooters” who are responsible for directing aircraft and commanding the four catapults on the deck of the USS Harry S. Truman.

Technology applied:

The simulation uses a gamepad for the user input just like modern console games and depicts the chaos and constant danger of the flight deck.

Entropy Based Warfare


In summer 1997, one of the leading global consulting firms contracted BreakAway, Ltd. to translate their white paper on the Unified Theory for Modeling the Revolution in Military Affairs into a PC-based, computer simulation.


Create a computer simulation flexible enough to deliver robust, high-quality metrics for key Military decision makers in a consistent, easy to learn, easy to operate accessible environment.


As a result of the collaborative efforts of the company and its global partner, leading Military decision makers now have access to vital information in order to weigh options when conceiving strategy, buying technology and deploying forces. This ability to measure in a consistent manner all dimensions of warfare, enabling alternative concepts to evolve is now available on PC desktop or laptop.


The database structure on which the simulation was constructed is fundamental, creating a flexible format for gathering information and organizing data. This is a core competency of BreakAway, Ltd. The quality of the simulation is dependent on the ability of the underlying structure to handle data independently of those that develop the tools.


Using the simulation technology of BreakAway, Ltd, the global consulting firm was able to showcase and “prove” its new modeling paradigm, thereby creating long-term revenue opportunities with a new product offering to their existing customer base.

Advances in the state of the art have caused us to closely examine not just the games themselves but the technology behind the game…we are on the threshold of a breakthrough that has the potential to have a major impact on how we train.

: RADM Fred Lewis, USN (Ret) President , National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA).

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