Serious Games for Social Change

Serious Games for Social Change

A Force More Powerful

A Force More Powerful™

A Game-Based Experimentation and Training Tool for Socio-Political Change

Your goal is to orchestrate a nonviolent resistance campaign from the ground up against dictators, occupiers, authoritarians and oppressive rule. You are supported by the principles and experiences of some of the world's leading nonviolent activists such as, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ivan Marovic, subject matter expert on A Force More Powerful, and member of Otpor, the Serbian resistance movement that played a critical role in ousting Slobodan Milosevich. To accomplish this you must assemble a team, build public support, and then recognize and gradually influence the pillars of support within the regime to bring about enduring social change.

Developed For:International Center On Nonviolent Conflict


Develop a game that trains activists with the planning and rehearsal skills needed to successfully stage a non-violent resistance movement for political and societal change.


Training tool that uses a game format and a proven military planning and strategic approach to teach users how to organize and carry out a campaign of non-violent resistance.


Interest group theory, societal networks and cultural models, economic and critical infrastructure modeling.

I’ve been saying all my life that games have the power to change the world. We’re proving that every day at BreakAway.

: Doug Whatley, Founder and CEO

What if You Could...

Model social, political, and economic conditions in repressive regimes and give players planning and training tools to stage a campaign of non-violent resistance?

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