A Force More Powerful

What is A Force More Powerful?

In A Force More Powerful (AFMP), your goal is to orchestrate a nonviolent resistance campaign from the ground up against dictators, occupiers, authoritarians and oppressive rule. You are supported by the principles and experiences of some of the world’s leading nonviolent activists such as, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ivan Marovic (subject matter expert on AFMP), and member of Otpor, the Serbian resistance movement that played a critical role in ousting Slobodan Milosevich. To accomplish this you must assemble a team, build public support, and then recognize and gradually influence the pillars of support within the regime to bring about enduring social change.

What Are the Current Applications of the AFMP Technology?

BreakAway developed AFMP in partnership with the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, whose objective was to develop a game that trained activists with the planning and rehearsal skills needed to successfully stage a non-violent movement for political and social change. Please visit the websites http://www.nonviolent-conflict.org/ and http://www.afmpgame.com/ for information about current applications.