What is Cleopatra?

Tutankhamun, Ramses, Cleopatra. We saved the best for last.

The Nile calls once again as The Queen of Kings takes center stage in Pharoah’s official expansion. Offering 4 new campaigns, a completely new story line starting with the New Kingdom, including the mysterious and exotic time of Cleopatra VII, this expansion pack will feed your Egyptian craving all over again.

Cleopatra was released in 2000 in partnership with Impressions Games. It is an expansion pack for their city-builder game, Pharaoh. Players build an Egyptian city set in the New Kingdom period of Egyptian rule, wherein external powers such as the Persians, Macedonians, and Romans threaten to bring your empire to its knees.

High Praise!

“Most of the new scenarios are both challenging and interesting, the additional monuments are all superb, and the new features are welcome additions.” –Computer Gaming Magazine

“A must-have expansion for any serious monument builder…”  –Gamer’s Pulse