Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

What is Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom?

Your people shall build you a great empire if you rule them wisely…

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a city-builder PC game set in China. Players start with a simply plot of land set along the Yangze River, and build out from there. Player help their people thrive through trade and agriculture, discover new technologies, set taxes, control commerce, and build huge armies.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom was the sixth game in Sierra’s City Builder Series and made in partnership with Impressions Games. Players could play individually to build an empire or play online… one of the first city builder games to allow up to 8 players in competitive or cooperative play.

High Praise!

“Definitely one of the best city-builders of all time and a must have for every fan of the genre.”  –Ekaton

“Offers up the delight of “Roller Coaster Tycoon” with a historical bent and a sharp, colorful Asian edge.”  –Computer Gaming World

Award Winner!

  • 2002 Editor’s Choice Award – IGN