Expeditionary Airbase Sim (EAS)

What is Expeditionary Airbase Sim (EAS)?

EAS is a cooperative, multiplayer game where several groups must work together to build an expeditionary airbase. Each group is responsible for different “Squadrons”, and the groups must cooperate to build the base, manage their resources, and respond to events.

What Are the Current Applications of the EAS Technology?

BreakAway developed EAS in partnership with the United States Air Force, Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KSM), and the Squadron Officers College to create an airbase sim based upon the Maxwell-Gunter AFB. EAS is a software tool designed to help airmen learn about the personnel roles and combat support functions of an Air Force base, along with what is involved in building up and operating an expeditionary airbase. Many of the techniques used in this simulation may be familiar to individuals who play commercial computer games, as these techniques are common to those products.