Genetic Mutations Game

What is Genetic Mutations Game?

Genetic Mutations Game challenges Baltimore County high school students to find, identify, and fix genetic mutations found in zebra fish populations. Players select silhouettes of zebra fish in a fish tank, and then are ask to view a segment of DNA of the selected fish, wherein a genetic mutation resides. They are then asked to identify the mutation and then classify it either as a Deletion, Insertion, or Substitution error. Once discovered and identified, the player then has to fix the genetic mutation to turn the affected fish into one capable of living in the tank.

What Are the Current Applications of the Genetic Mutations Game Technology?

Genetic Mutations Game was a game developed and designed in partnership with MdBio, a science education group dedicated to improving science education in the Baltimore Country School System. Genetics, and specifically, genetic mutation, has always been a difficult subject to explain in a normal classroom setting. Genetic Mutations Game allows this complication scientific concept to be taught in a more engaging and interactive manner.