My Herc Don’t Work

What is My Herc Don’t Work?

In My Herc Won’t Work, players participate in an interactive serious game that teaches troubleshooting and repair processes for propulsion technicians. Players work through a series of distinct sections, wherein they receive training – via discovery – into the most viable way to ask questions, track information, and arrive at a diagnosis in the least amount of time. The game also requires the player to interview, read and research just as they would in the real world, questioning the same people they would normally do, and using the same research materials as well.


What Are the Current Applications of the My Herc Don’t Work Technology?

BreakAway developed My Herc Don’t Work in partnership with StandardAero to create a serious interactive game to teach the Canadian Air Force how to troubleshoot and repair the CC-130 Hercules turboprop aircraft and its T56 engine.