NBCOT Navigator®

What is NBCOT Navigator®?

The NBCOT Navigator® is a portal providing access to and completion tracking for a series of virtual continuing competency assessment tools for Occupational Therapists. BreakAway partnered with NBCOT (The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy) to create this tool that allows occupational therapists the chance to obtain points towards their recertification through participating in a series of on-line interactions. The certificant’s profile and responses to a self-reflection questionnaire establish the user’s focus and result in a list of recommended tools for the certificant to take. Upon completion of each tool, rewards and recognition are assigned based on performance, and readings and references are provided as feedback for continuing education.


NBCOT Navigator® provides on-line mini practice quizzes, case simulations, and games.


Mini practice quizzes pose between 15 and 20 multiple choice questions covering a broad range of occupational therapy subjects.


Case simulations bring occupational therapy practice to life with a focus on clinical reasoning. Each simulation starts with an opening scene providing background information to the scenario. This is followed by a series of modules where the certificant is engaged in performing virtual occupational therapy tasks with a virtual client including: client interviews and chart reviews, selection of appropriate screening and assessment tools, completion of evaluations, interpretation of assessment results, interprofessional team discussions, intervention planning, provision of intervention services, and discharge planning.


Games offer a more fun and entertaining assessment of specific practice knowledge. Each game is uniquely designed for its specific topic. Initial games include: a stylized matching game called “OT Knowledge Library” covering broad occupational therapy knowledge, an applied evidence-based research game based in outer space called PICO Station, a game where the user becomes a clinic manager called Management Challenge, and specialized skill games including use of physical agent modalities and orthotics. Unlike the other assessment tools, games can be tailored to provide an explicit learning experience.