The Battle for Middle Earth: The Rise of the Witch King

What is The Rise of the Witch King?

Command the rise of evil in Middle-Earth!

Rise of the Witch King is the official 2006 expansion pack for The Battle for Middle-Earth, the award-winning PC real-time strategy game series designed, developed, and published in partnership with Electronic Arts.

Set within JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth universe, it begins after 1,000 years of peace. But now it’s time for evil to rise once more. Players control the rise of the Witch-King of Angmar and command his armies in an all new single player campaign.

Rise of the Witch King allows player to build army units on the fly, and then place those units in the field to attack and defend territory in true real-time strategy fashion.


High Praise!

“… a solid gameplay expansion for BFME 2.” –IGN

“An excellent expansion that does exactly what an expansion pack should do — add in new stuff while improving the core gameplay.” –Game Spy

It carries that rare trait of success where many expansions suffer miserably and leave many gamers in despair.”  –Game Watcher