Tropico: Paradise Island

What is Tropico?

Trouble in paradise!

Tropico: Paradise Island is the official expansion pack for Tropico, the hit “fun in the sun” Caribbean simulation from Pop Top Software. As the all-powerful dictator El Presidente, face new challenges as you build your thriving island paradise… not to mention a bountiful Swiss bank account.

Tropico: Paradise Island provides more tourist atteactions such as beach villas, tennis courts, and nature preserves to help lure those Yanqui trouists. And for your “evil” tyrants out there, new dictator attributes allow for the success of even the most unjust regime!


High Praise!

“A delightful city builder.”  –NextGen

“Tropico is exactly what strategy gaming needs: a reminder that a game doesn’t necessarily have to be weird, inscrutable, or unconventional to be great–it can get by on charm, broad appeal, and sophistication.” –Gamespot