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vHealthcare is an immersive realistic virtual environment for discovery-based learning and decision-making skills required to communicate effectively with patients and clinical care teams.

vHealthCare allows learners to engage in simulation role-play with virtual patients and team members, providing a controlled, measurable and repeatable learning process. The system is highly engaging and addresses the needs of the current student demographic and the interactive self-paced learning style of today’s trainees.

vHealthCare enables trainees to practice and refine skills with greater frequency, to experience things rarely seen in actual patient populations, to have customized guidance and feedback, and more time for reflection than is currently possible. Enabling students to “gain experience fast”.

BreakAway Games believes that game technology has the power to transform the way we work, learn, and live our lives. We understand the power this technology holds as games and simulations become mainstream as problem-solving and life-enhancing tools for society. As computing power increases and the technologically savvy “Digital Native” generation matures, BreakAway sees a future where people use virtual worlds, games and 3D simulations to enhance the way we live our everyday lives. vHealthCare™ brings this power to healthcare.

vHealthCare™  is an interactive virtual healthcare learning environment

vHealthCare™  tools empower everyone to create sophisticated content.

vHealthCare™  is an innovative, immersive training platform.

vHealthCare™  provides a lifelike, interactive, virtual environment in which individuals can practice skills.

BreakAway’s  vHealthCare™  platform provides a solution to develop serious games that allow easy to use, anytime and anywhere, education, training and skill refinement. Offering:

  • Anytime and anywhere efficient individual and team training
  • Enhanced performance and critical thinking skills
  • Quality initiative programs to meet national patient safety and quality benchmarks
  • Reduction of time to proficiency with new devices or procedures
  • Skills practice for procedures with high complication potential

vHealthCare™  is a first-person, immersive virtual world used to train healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors, first responders, in clinical diagnostic skills and decision making protocol and to teach professional how to respond to catastrophic incidents, such as combat, bioterrorism, or major incidents. Virtual training, education, and experimentation lets you practice having someone’s life in your hands. The world is constantly changing, new approaches are needed to keep up with those changes – only the people doing the change will be capable of creating the content.

The vHealthCare™ platform and tool suite allows users to create scenarios through authoring tools. Specifically, the capabilities of the platform currently include:

  • the capability to train in a wide variety of virtual environments;
  • a Case Authoring Tool that allows rapid creation or modification of scenario parameters,including training tasks and the associated performance metrics;
  • an asset creation tool to create new assets for use in a scenario;
  • the capability to provide the user with both in-scenario feedback as well as a post scenario performance review; and,
  • the capability to run the training platform on a common PC, Mac, or mobile device