Virtual Dental Implant Trainer (V-DIT)

What is V-DIT?

In V-DIT, your goal is to practice dental implant training in a relaxed setting. Students would interview four different types of patients, each of which wanting a dental implant. The purpose of the interviews was to discover what kind of person the patient was, and why he/she wanted a dental implant. Once the interview was completed, the students would be graded on how successful their interview was, and then they were given an opportunity to decide if a dental implant was appropriate for this type of patient. Once decided, V-DIT allowed students to go through the process of performing the dental implant.

What Are the Current Applications of V-DIT?

BreakAway developed V-DIT in partnership with the Medical College of Georgia. The purpose of the program was to allow students to practice dental implant decision-making during their free time. Nobel Biocare, a globally-recognized maker of dental implant tools and hardware, through their partnership with the Medical College of Georgia, commissioned BreakAway to design V-DIT as a downloadable or CD-driven software package that could be distributed to medical students through their network of accredited school and businesses.