What is Vision?

Vision provides a way to practice a needs-based sales process. The player experiences all aspects of needs-based selling from initial discussion with the client to determine needs which map to potential solutions, summarizing the client’s needs, building an appropriate offering for the client and presenting the recommended offering to the client followed by pricing information, and then iterating with the client until a satisfactory sale is completed. The player receives feedback through the client’s responses and visible demeanor driven by his/her satisfaction. In the end, the player receives a score based upon his/her interview driven needs discovery skills, solution recommendations, and sales skills.

What Are the Current Applications of Vision?

BreakAway partnered with Essilor, a leading eyeglass lens provider, to create a tool that their customers now use to learn how to recommend appropriate eyeglass lenses to patients. The engaging program allows the eye care specialist to interact with a series of life-like patients and try to ascertain and meet their eye care needs through an eyeglass sale supported by fun mini-games to drill and practice key skills. The player is evaluated based upon his/her interview skills, appropriateness of the eyeglass recommendation, and sales skills.