VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer

What is VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer?

VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer is a military medical program that allows player play through various medical scenarios, from how to effectively communicate with team members in the medical facility to where you (as a medical professional) should be standing when treating a patient. Players are also allowed to assess a patient’s condition through the ABC method of assessment. Also included are so-called “interventions” during assessment which are performed along the way, such as giving the patient a bag-valve mask to allow better breathing.

What Are the Current Applications of VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer?

VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer was developed in partnership with Old Dominion University and the Virginia Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC), to create a virtual tool which allows military medical personnel to be trained in how to treat different injuries before they are placed in a war environment. VMASC Predeployment Nursing Trainer allows them to learn how to assess and treat injuries before they have to make such decisions on real patients.