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This game can be played at vHealthCare.us

What is vHealthCare?

vHealthcare™ is a virtual environment that allows healthcare professionals to practice their skills and learn new techniques. vHealthcare™ is a suite of creation tools that allows educators to create medical cases that fit their curriculum. vHealthcare™ is a system that can assess the competency and knowledge of doctors, nurses, dentists, allied healthcare workers.

vHealthcare™ allows general healthcare practitioners to diagnose and recommend treatment for patients brought into a trauma center. Patients are displayed in front of the player who in turn reviews the patient’s vitals, going through the traditional “ABC” method for determining treatment. The players make a number of medical choices during their evaluation and in the end, are scored based upon those decisions.

What Are the Current Applications of vHealthCare?

BreakAway developed vHealthcare™ for the purpose of allowing healthcare professionals the ability to continue their training and education throughout their practice, to improve their diagnostic and interview skills, and to have more professional confidence when dealing with patients.

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